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About You

Educational Consulting

Megan deVries

925.212.4125 (text or call)

Founder, Tutor, Educational Consultant & Life-Long Learner

About You

This is your journey.

Too many educators take the approach "I learned it this way, so you should too". Your education is yours. Understanding what you want and how you learn empowers you to find and follow a successful and meaningful life path. That does not mean you will never do anything that you would prefer not to do or that everything will come easily. That's where I can support you.

I meet my students and families where they are and personalize my tutoring and consulting services to bridge the distance between that starting point and their goals. My clients find that they complete their time with me with greater confidence, lower stress, more efficiency, a wider and deeper range of skills and strategies, and an understanding of how they learn best which they can apply to any future endeavors.

I wanted to write to offer a thousand thank-yous for your amazing work with Ellie. None of us expected such a good score on the first go-around. We were already thankful for your help and whatever magic language you used, you were very effective at calming her down about a test she's been nervous to take for years. So thank you first for your excellent care of Ellie, and also - wowzers - thanks for helping her get to such a great ACT score of 35.

Annette, parent
Ellie (ACT 35)

I hope you're doing well! I'm not sure if it's odd to contact an SAT tutor months after taking the SAT and even graduation, but I figure I'll give you a quick update. I'm going to be attending UCLA starting in September studying Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. Thanks again for helping me on the SAT. I tell everyone who asks that I don't believe I would have been able to get those final points without your help, and I mean it. I also really appreciate your efficiency and how we were able to get through that final gap in just three sessions.

Sam (SAT 1600)

My son loves working with you. He has had other tutors, but it was always a struggle to get him to focus with them. He literally runs to his computer when it's time to zoom with you, and I hear him joyful and laughing during his sessions. Thank you. We are already seeing growth and understanding that, frankly, his current school doesn't seem to be able to provide him. We are looking forward to working with you as he explores and applies to private middle schools.

Samir, parent

(Aasim, 4th grade, math enrichment)



Academic Tutoring

Whether a student is learning to read, studying a foreign language, or taking an AP calculus class, the demands of school and the challenges of learning something new can be time consuming and even overwhelming. Furthermore, help from parents and loved ones can come or (feel like it comes) with stress and judgment. Having an ally in the learning process makes learning empowering: it sets students up for greater opportunities, enables them to grow and adapt to the changes they will face, and provides them with the resilience they will need in school and in the workplace. 


My life's passion is tutoring students. I teach nearly all academic subjects from beginning reading to college-level calculus including languages like Latin and French. I work with students of all ages and capabilities. Whether a student is struggling in a school subject or excelling in a high-level independent course, I am here to understand needs, provide guidance, and help students find and develop their own passions. Students will improve their comprehension as well as their grades or scores. They will understand how to learn and will better understand themselves as learners. My goal ultimately is to make myself obsolete because the student has learned from me the skills and confidence needed to tackle future challenges and endeavors.

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Educational Consulting

Students and their parents make many decisions and face many challenges during the educational process. Expert advice and guidance can make these decisions easier and better informed, rendering these challenges more empowering and less stressful.


As a private educator with 20 years of experience, I have often found myself in the role of the neutral third party in conversations between parent and child, family and school, and even college applicant and college counselor. I am happy to provide consulting services for families.  I completed a formal Independent Educational Consultant Certification through the University of California, Irvine in the Fall of 2022. Although I do not currently provide all college counseling services such as college list creation or application essay support, I am happy to help you match with a trusted college counselor colleague who will share your priorities.

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Test Preparation

Preparing for school tests or standardized ones can be incredibly rewarding. While some colleges have recently changed their testing policies, testing still remains a constant in education and beyond. If students feel that they are unable to do their best on tests, they can understandably become frustrated. With support that helps them understand what they need to know for or about the test - as well as what they need to know about themselves - students gain confidence and ace even the most challenging exams.


I coach students in the subject matter content and strategies needed to do their best on school test as well as standardized test including the ISEE, HSPT, SSAT, APs, ACT, SAT, GRE, and GMAT. For high school students who are in the top twentieth percentiles of their high schools, I suggest families consider private and group options through Bodsat Prep, a company I run and co-own which was developed to meet the specific needs of strong students with lofty goals.

Home School

Executive Functioning and Strong Study Skills

Many students find that they know the subject matter they're being taught but are still struggling to do well in their course or courses. Parents may notice that their children or teens seem to be "underperforming". These are some of the signs that students need to improve and manage their executive functions such as time management; planning, initiation, and follow-through; organization; self-awareness; working memory; and adaptability. These issues can impact students at every level. 

As someone who has proudly carried a planner since sixth grade, I love coaching students in how to improve their executive functioning. If families are unsure about whether executive functioning problems exist, I am happy to offer an hour-long cognitive assessment or to recommend trusted colleagues who can provide neuropsychological evaluation.

About Me

It's easy to make education more relevant, enjoyable, successful, and efficient for students. As a life-long learner, I use my passion for learning and talent for teaching to make the world a better place. Since 2002, I’ve been providing educational and motivational services to clients around the world. My focus is always creating space for my students to grow and to find their own paths. I support families and other educators as well. I’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for your child or yourself. Let's connect and see how we can work together to empower you.

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